Estate Security: Lessons Learned from Trump Tower

Author: Chelsea Turner & Jeff Zisner

Estate security has become a prime concern for president-elect Donald Trump. Even more so, the matter of protecting his properties across the country have added pressure for the agencies working to ensure his personal and his family’s safety. While estate security is highlighted by celebrity cases like Trump’s, large properties tend to be targets for criminals. With experience in loss prevention and estate security for clients in elite LA regions, AEGIS can help you secure your estate.

In looking at Trump’s situation, a lot is revealed about estate security. For a start, this type of security may be linked directly to one’s social status. Celebrities are prime candidates for estate security (in addition to body guards and entourage security) as they encounter stalkers, paparazzi and simply over-excited fans. However, folks without the stardom can also suffer from security breaches because of the size of their properties.

Trump Tower in New York was not a security issue just because of his new status in the nation. The 58-story high-rise is located on prime real estate off 5th Avenue and houses some very prestigious stores in addition to its prominent condominiums. Additionally, the facility is surrounded by high-end retailers in need of great loss prevention security. The Trump estate not only protects customers and clients; it protects a family.

The unprecedented challenges of Trump’s estate security post-election has a lot to do with the incoming first family. Some have said it’s the equivalent of having a White House right off of a major street in New York, yielding unforeseen difficulties with ensuring their safety. Protecting a family, whether in the spotlight or not, is a primary concern for those in estate security.

Ultimately, the Trump Tower case demonstrates the need for estate security in three key scenarios. First, there is the question of one’s status and that relationship to the likelihood of a personal attack. Second is the question of the property size — the larger the property, the more relevant a security team is for estate safety. Third, we must consider the estate’s location. In major cities like New York and Los Angeles, there is a greater risk of recognition and attempted property entrance (for whatever reason in the mind of the trespasser), calling for heightened estate security.

As an LA-based company, we understand the needs of our community. Large estates are not uncommon and, unfortunately, neither is crime. AEGIS specializes in providing estate security for individuals requiring a comprehensive solution that is based on reliability, professionalism and discretion. Our officers function as our clients’ front-line customer service personnel in addition to their security. We aim to maintain positive relationships and secure new ones.  AEGIS Security & Investigations creates and executes solutions for our clients to accomplish their site specific safety and security objectives, making it your prime estate security choice.

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