College Campus Threat Response Teams Combat Rape


College campuses have seen and addressed a rise in student-related sexual assault and rape. This has led many to create and implement threat assessment teams. AEGIS Security & Investigations offers consultations that can help your campus or workplace operate a highly-competent threat assessment team.

In the news, local campuses, including Cal State Northridge, UC Los Angeles, and the University of Southern California, have had numerous reports of rape. At CSUN, there have been 4 cases reported since the start of the semester, and the university remains committed to helping victims and preventing future incidents. At UCLA, authorities suspended a football player indefinitely this semester after his arrest in a rape case, demonstrating their hard stance against assault. At USC, two football players were investigated for sexual assault, and one was charged with rape in his home state of Utah. The university took a hard stance, suspending both players from the team as soon as investigations were opened.

Reports that are released after instances like this draw the same conclusion: universities need threat assessment teams to act as a key measure in preventing violence before it happens. Additionally, these teams should be trained in behavioral assessment and threat management.

The local universities mentioned before have asserted their commitment to creating threat assessment teams. Check out USC, UCLA, and CSUN’s implementation of these teams.

AEGIS can further help campuses through consultation services on personal safety tactics and methods of increasing your officers’ security power. Additionally, we can provide security guards over night and in locations that are particularly troubling.

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