Why to Hire a Bodyguard

Executive protection agents, more commonly know as bodyguards, can be an essential piece to filling your security needs. While you may feel safe in your own home, going out in public can raise the hairs on your neck when you realize the confrontations you may endure. AEGIS is here to help.

How do you know if you need this level of security? It is greatly dependent upon your needs. People with high-end titles, such as business executives, entertainers, celebrities and professional athletes, should consider a close protection agent or team. This way, their public life is made easier and safer. However, common citizens who are involved in law cases, such as court witnesses, and those who simply have been threatened, should also consider this type of security to ensure their personal safety.

At AEGIS, we believe the best bodyguards are men and women who are skilled in identifying potential risks and hazards before they happen, putting countermeasures in place to ensure incidents are averted. A thorough advance and threat assessment creates actionable, environmental intelligence. This, coupled with good planning, pre-determined primary and secondary protocols, and skill in reacting with a clear mind, means both the bodyguard and the client will be able to respond in 99.9% of scenarios.

Executive protection agents have a unique set of skills that qualify them to work closely with a client. For a start, all who work for AEGIS have advanced training from either military or law enforcement backgrounds. Additionally, these agents generally have more years of experience in the field, including loss prevention and threat assessment that goes beyond a general site post.

Our services include:

  • Advanced evaluation, vulnerability, and threat assessments
  • Private investigations including bug sweeps, business intelligence, and harassment mitigation
  • Armed/Unarmed security experts and off duty/retired police officers available
  • Mobile, stationary, and close protection escort security teams
  • Route establishment and contingency planning
  • Fully retained security consulting services
  • Visible deterrence against threats
  • Ingress and egress facilitation

AEGIS Security & Investigations is a Los Angeles region company that is licensed and insured in the State of California to provide high-end armed and unarmed regular and temporary off-duty police officers, bodyguards, security officers, loss prevention agents, and event staff. Additionally, we offer services for private investigation, consultation, people tracing, and background investigation. Our trainings and workshops in the field of security licensure and counter-terrorism have been featured in news media and are renowned for their efficacy. For more information or to contact us, visit www.aegis.com.

Author: Chelsea Turner & Jeff Zisner