VR Security & Active Shooter Training – It’s Starting…

Virtual reality security training is finally the “wave of the future” that’s becoming a reality. For industry experts, it is an ideal training mechanism, and AEGIS is moving to be at the front of the market. We have launched an “experiential” VR active shooter training course that includes avatars, layouts, schematics, and necessary response strategies. The next step in the future is to deliver a fully immersive VR security training experience. How that will work precisely – only time will tell.

Virtual reality programs are like video games that you can step into and participate. The situations do not necessarily have real people (realistic animations are often used to create the scenario), but they do portray situations that have happened. Its ability to immerse users in a scenario offers instructors an opportunity to correct techniques on-the-spot and teaches users proper responses to those situations.

Police departments around the country, including LAPD, are beginning to add virtual reality training to their academies and continuing education programs. Even our military uses it. This form of training offers many benefits, including complete immersion in a real-life situation that allows the user to assess the best response and take action without risk to himself, let alone anyone else.

The effectiveness of these VR systems and programs has begun to show itself for those in the law enforcement sector. It’s only a matter of time before we see it pop up in the private security guard sector for training modules. For example, it can be used to teach guards when and how to shoot, giving them more hands-on experience in the armed sector from the comfort of an office or home.

We think that as this technology becomes more cost-effective (its current pitfall is the expense), it will become a practical component of any private security company’s training program. AEGIS is already venturing out into the world of VR for our active shooter training, developing videos and content that play out like a video game to allow users to make the best response choices.

As this technology continues to develop, AEGIS will be at the forefront of creating and implementing training programs for it.

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Author: Chelsea Turner & Jeff Zisner