Homeless Security Considerations in Los Angeles

Contracted security officers often encounter trespassers and the homeless in the course and scope of their duties at client sites throughout Los Angeles. The Los Angeles County homeless population has spiked 23 percent in the last year to nearly 58,000 people. Of that, over 42,000 are not in shelters. For the security sector, this means an increase in property protection and rule enforcement.

AEGIS Security & Investigations officers are well-versed in working with the homeless population of L.A. Because of work across the county, we understand the need to ensure our clients’ property is protected while treating the homeless population with care and consideration.

As a member of the security community, our responsibilities are two-fold. Our primary responsibility to the client means we are obligated to inform the homeless population when they are trespassing on private property. To do this, security officers need to respectfully inform potential trespassers as to where they are and why the cannot remain there. This should be done by citing code and by asking them to leave the premises.

The second responsibility that is inherited by security officers is to the homeless people they encounter. While they are obligated to ask trespassers to leave, there is a unique need with homeless people to offer help. Officers should keep in mind that this group of people literally have nowhere to call home. Thus, working with law enforcement to offer them various local resources where they can seek shelter can quickly de-escalate a potential problem.

The LAPD has several task forces throughout its divisions to help work with the homeless population and point them to the resources they need. Contacting their emergency line may be a quick solution to an immediate issue, but calling their central line, (310) 444-0702, is more likely to yield the results your officers need on-site when a homeless person refuses to leave.

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