All Hazards Emergency Plans Are Necessary For… You Guessed it! Emergencies!

As Hurricane Irma makes its way to the US Mainland, concerns rise over public safety during and in the wake of natural disasters. AEGIS Security & Investigations wants you to have emergency response plans and tips in the face of any natural disaster.

Natural disasters, like hurricanes, leave entire cities stranded and subject to not only the pain of lost homes and family heirlooms but to looters and burglars looking for an easy steal in the aftermath of it all. Unfortunately, such disasters also tend to bring out the worst in people as quickly as they can bring out the best; in Houston, criminals quickly took to posing as law enforcement during Hurricane Harvey with the intent to burglarize evacuees. Houston law enforcement quickly notified the public that looters and burglars would be handled in the most severe manner possible. True to the warning, dozens of looters were arrested in the wake of Harvey and are facing up to 20 years in prison for being a menace to public safety during a natural disaster.

In Los Angeles, the natural disaster of concern is earthquakes. And just like the people who have fallen victim to the hurricanes of 2017, Angelenos must have strong emergency response plans.

What you can do preemptively:
● Develop an emergency response plan whether it is for your home or workplace. AEGIS Security & Investigations offers top-notch consulting services for emergency management aimed to secure your interests before a disaster hits.
● Have an emergency backpack. Check out these tips on supplies for your go/“jump bag.”
● Find the best way to protect your assets.
● Install a safe for all valuables that is bolted to the ground and has a secure lock.

What you should do during:
● Abide by the orders of all law enforcement and emergency response workers. If there is a question of their validity, ask to see a badge.
● Stay calm. As hard as it can be to think straight during emergencies, it is critical to stay calm, be aware of your surroundings, and keep a list of tasks you need to accomplish to push through the storm.
● Avoid potential places of crime. Large stores with pricey electronics and even grocery stores are prime targets for looters. If you see suspicious activity, report it to law enforcement immediately.
● If you are a store owner, your best bet is to board up all entrances to the best of your ability and secure all valuables in a bolted-in, locked safe. Homeowners with a lot of valuables should do the same if evacuation is mandatory.

What you can do when it is safe to return:
● Take stock of your inventory and report any missing items of great value to local law enforcement.
● If security cameras are undamaged, review security tapes.
● Review your emergency response plan and consider consultation for enhanced emergency management.

Remember, the role of law enforcement is the insurance of public safety. FEMA says this about the role of law enforcement and first responders: “Responding to disasters is a shared responsibility, and those in law enforcement are aware that emergency management planning is for all hazards and that it takes a team effort to keep our communities safe.”

In addition to response, preparation and risk mitigation is essential to handling the devastation of any emergency. AEGIS Security & Investigations offers a unique consultation service for emergency operations plan analysis and design. We have specialized educational, federal and local training in emergency operations and practical experience in disaster management. We offer two kinds of emergency operations services. We analyze the current emergency procedures and add useful tools to increase their efficiency, or we can design an emergency plan from the ground up. This plan is scalable to be flexible enough to handle isolated accidents to mass casualty incidents. For more, visit our website. 

AEGIS Security & Investigations is a Los Angeles region company that is licensed and insured in the State of California to provide high-end armed and unarmed regular and temporary off-duty police officers, bodyguards, security officers, loss prevention agents, and event staff. Additionally, we offer services for private investigation, consultation, people tracing, and background investigation. Our trainings and workshops in the field of security licensure and counter-terrorism have been featured in news media and are renowned for their efficacy. For more information or to contact us, visit

By Chelsea Turner & Jeff Zisner


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