AEGIS Hires Veterans for Security Jobs in Los Angeles

AEGIS Security & Investigations is proud to continue its hiring practice of military veterans in Los Angeles. In honor of Veteran’s Day, we want to share with you the benefits of employing our men and women in arms for private security work.

In the realm of security, there are numerous qualities an officer must have, including strong observation skills, an impressive ability to communicate, a drive to work with a team, and, when called for, an exceptional ability to handle a weapon. As an actively-hiring company, we see these traits exhibited time and time again in current and former military members who are transitioning to the private sector.

The benefits for a company hiring veterans are numerous. provides a short overview of tax credits that can be earned as well as a list of reasons veterans are truly beneficial to business. Here are our top reasons for hiring veterans as a PPO.

  • Veterans are experienced team members who work well with others. They understand not only how to be supportive and communicative but how to take charge. Most importantly, they assume responsibility for their work, even when mistakes are made.
  • Military members understand that following orders is important to company operations. The ability to take and follow instructions is a great asset for any business.
  • Veterans respond to pressure positively. They keep their cool and take measures to mediate the situation quickly and effectively. Veterans have also been trained to take preventative measures and will make decisions in this strain to ensure negative situations are avoided to the best of their ability.

Small businesses have additional benefits when they employ veterans. Read more here.

The benefits for veterans seeking employment are greater when they come to work for a private security company. At AEGIS, we aim to work with veterans to use their fullest capacities. We understand that their experience makes them ideal candidates for the security sector. Veterans benefit from higher starting pay, faster transition into supervisory positions, and immediate placement in armed positions (with necessary certification).

If you are looking to work with a security company who desires to help you grow and use your skills to their fullest potential, choose AEGIS. We offer top-notch positions for veterans. All you need is the following:

For security businesses looking to increase their veteran retention, we suggest creating a veteran-specific program. In order to create a veteran hiring program, follow these steps from U.S. Veterans Magazine. Here are some key elements:

  • Know that background of veterans, and explore the array of skills they are offered in military training. Develop a plan that uses these skills most readily and adequately.
  • In security, skills translation is easy. Key elements like observing and reporting are a part of a soldier’s daily life. Once they earn an exposed firearm permit, they are more qualified than any average citizen to handle the weapon due to their military experience.
  • Ensure there is a continued education and training program. This will not only allow veterans a chance to be reintroduced to civilian skill sets but to feed their interest in continued learning that is promoted by most military programs.

Thank you to all of the veterans who have served to make America safe.

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