Active Shooter Expert Jeff Zisner Explains “Why” and “How” for CBS & VICE News

The Douglas High School shooting has truly rocked the nation as one of the worst school shootings behind Columbine and Sandy Hook. The coverage of the event and its repercussions has been essentially non-stop as people across the nation ask “why does this keep happening” and “what can we do to stop them from getting worse?”

AEGIS Security & Investigations’ own Jeff Zisner tackled the question of why in an interview with WDJT – Milwaukee, an affiliate of CBS News. The main message: work toward prevention.

“Schools can do things to prevent these things from happening, but it really involves early intervention,” Zisner said. “It[‘s] involving anti-bullying campaigns, being really alert and aware of what’s happening at schools and at home.”

For schools, there are several pre-incident indicators students, teachers, administrators and other campus staff can look for to identify a student in need of support before s/he takes makes a bad decision with an extremely horrific outcome. Bullying and other forms of abuse (e.g., domestic abuse) have been correlated to increased incidents of violence, including mass shootings. Identifying this issue — abiding by “see something, say something” — should be a part of your institutions active shooter training.

A recent study entitled Weapon carrying among victims of bullying, reported on the phenomena at a national level, exposing the reality that more than 200,000 high school students who were or are victims of bullying carried a weapon to school in the month prior to completing the survey.

Bullying has been linked to active shooter thoughts and actions. Columbine, the most notorious school shooting in modern history that prompted extreme responses in schools to take preventative action, has often had bullying cited for the shooters’ motives. Most recently, Freeman High School in Spokane, WA suffered an active shooter incident where the perpetrator openly admitted to the police that his lesson was to “teach them a lesson” (e.g. teachers and students there) about bullying,demonstrating this very real link.

Additionally, when violence is witnessed, a correlation with decreased school attendance and academic performance is found across the board. See another study from the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education. These students are likely to engage in other risky and illegal behaviors (e.g., underage smoking, drug use, underage sexual activity) and attempt or consider suicide.

While Nikolas Cruz, the shooter who caused and confessed to Wednesday’s tragedy, is still under investigation and being questioned as to the rationale behind his actions (hopefully offering insight as to what drives people to such actions and can inform those of us in the security sector about what to look for further), it is clear that he was an outcast at the school. He had been expelled for disciplinary violations and had shown numerous signs of violent thoughts before taking this type of action. It is possible that the signs were there to anticipate such violent actions, and it once again reminds us to take preventative actions.

Later, he commented with VICE News that it is perfectly reasonable to enlist the help of those in the room, including students, when confronted with an armed threat. “If high school students are willing and able to fight, teachers shouldn’t stop them.”


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By Chelsea Turner & Jeff Zisner