Home Security Do’s & Don’ts for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is around the corner, which mean the summer kick-off is here! Wherever this travel season takes you, make sure your home is secure.

AEGIS is an expert company in ensuring home security having worked with apartment complexes, private residences and estates. Home security devices make a great gift for anyone on your list because they are easy to install and use immediately. Our favorite product line is Ring — check out how their products work to keep your home safe.



  • Ensure all entrances are locked. When you leave, check that you have locked doors AND windows around your home. Anything that is ground level should be secured. If you don’t have a lock on a door or window, place something as simple as a dowel along the sliding track or on top of the moving pane to make it harder to move/open. If you’re ready to take your security up a notch, invest in a system like Kevo Smart Home that allows you to lock your house remotely.
  • Have a house-sitter. Or at least have someone who can pick up your newspaper and mail. If possible, it’s best to pause these services, especially for long trips. If your front porch is covered in clutter, thieves know you’re away, so be sure someone can keep an eye on your home and clear away the clutter!
  • Alarm your home. In today’s world, everything has the potential to be a part of the Internet of Things. We personally favor the devices that ensure your home security can be accessed remotely — check out our favorites here — but even a simple alarm that is connected to an alarm response company can ensure your home is safer than somewhere without an alarm system. Remember, alarms are meant to scare away burglars, and the more connected your alarm system is to a response team, the more effective your home security will be.
  • Keep lights on in evenings. Even if you leave on one light that is visible through the front door at night, it makes it look like someone is home. If possible, set your interior and exterior lights on timers that turn on from dusk until late evening (times you would typically still be awake in your home). If you have a path leading to your home, ensure it is well-lit with either solar-powered lawn lights, a porch light, or even a motion-activated flood light. The goal is to deter criminals from your home, and lighting an area makes them more visible to neighbors and security cameras.
  • Use technology to your advantage. If alarm response systems are too expensive or just not what you’re looking for, install home security appliances yourself! Check out how AEGIS does DIY home security



  • Post online. Sure, you may want to share your photos of adventures abroad with family and friends, but you do not want to let the entire public of Facebook or other social media followers know that your home is empty. Avoid posting that you are going out of town, the dates you’ll be gone, and that you are currently away. When you do post to your social accounts, make sure you are only sharing with friends/followers you know you can trust.
  • Stop regular home grooming appointments. While it may not be cost-effective, telling your gardener and pool cleaner not to come the week you are out of town will actually signal to burglars that you are not home. Thieves tend to “case” their places of interest to find patterns for when homeowners are gone and what would inhibit them from breaking in. Keeping gardening appointments maintains a sense of normalcy that acts as a deterrence.
  • Don’t forget to tell someone you trust (and who lives nearby, preferably) that you will be out of town. A friend, family member, or neighbor can keep an eye on your home and let you know if anything is suspicious. Letting someone you trust to check-in on your property can ensure quick response, if necessary, as well as the appearance of being home since guests may be coming in and out the door.

For more tips on home security, check out our FREE home security ideas!

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