Vehicle Theft Prevention Month – Tips & Tricks

July is Vehicle Theft Prevention Month, and AEGIS wants to help you be safe.

Did you know more 750,000 people fall victim to auto theft each year? Cars are stolen from public places like parks and shopping center, off the side of the road, from workplaces, and even from right out front of people’s homes. California is at the top of the list of states with the most vehicle thefts per year, and being in a big city like Los Angeles increases that risk.

Even if you think your car is safe while sitting in the garage at work, at the mall, or even across the street from your friend’s house during a party, it could be at risk. So, what can you do to prevent this type of theft? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers these tips:

  • Always lock your car with closed windows and be sure to take your key with you. Avoid trying to hide your key around the car, even if you think it will be safe.
  • Park under a street light or in another well-lit area. The more light, the more likely you are to deter potential thieves.
  • Do not leave valuables in your car. Even if they are hidden or in the trunk, they are susceptible to being spotted, and your car could be broken into. Valuables include phones, wallets, purses and big-ticket purchases.
  • If you do need to leave purchases in the car that may be of value, be sure to lock them in the trunk or hide them under something if you have a rear window into the trunk space. Take the receipts with you so there is no chance of a thief trying to return items for cash and to prove that you purchased those items should you need to file a report.
  • When you park at home, close your garage! Leaving a large entry point open and vulnerable not only leaves your car and other valuables susceptible to theft, but it leaves your home and loved ones open to a threat.

If you have a particularly common car make and model, you will want to be sure to take extra precautions to ensure your car stays safe. Honda Accords and Civics were the two most stolen cars in the nation in 2016, and other small cars were commonly targeted. Trucks, especially those that are classified as full size, made the top 10 list of types of cars stolen.

This summer, keep your car safe. Lock it, hide it or lose it. Don’t be a victim of auto theft.

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Author: Chelsea Turner & Jeff Zisner