AEGIS Security Deploys Technology for Seamless Cloud Managed Security Services

With technology and media giants such as Sony, Apple, Google, and Amazon settling into their new Culver City office spaces, the demand for effective and responsive corporate security services continues to grow. As a local vendor, AEGIS is will positioned to meet and exceed the needs of these major tech companies by deploying scalable technology to facilitate daily operations. 

As a 24/7 security company with over 200 employees based in Culver City, AEGIS specializes in providing a physical services that are heavily managed through technology to deliver elevated service to our clients. The most effective security teams use technology to support and enhance security guard personnel – but not necessarily to replace them. One without the other is an insufficient system.

Security technology innovation includes the use of smartphones, outsourced global security operations centers, drones, surveillance cameras, GPS tracking systems, real-time communication between on-site guards and remote management team, and security robots. These innovations were all developed and deployed to keep the client’s environment safe and ensure quick response time to on-site security needs. The key to find the right security company is a collaborative approach identifying the right combination of size, training, management, and technology. AEGIS will provide an on-site assessment to determine the most effective combination for your facility’s security. 

“There’s an App for That” 

Imagine a security guard oriented dating app, but instead of being paired with a potential significant other, you’re finding your next shift. Our guards are given the opportunity to match postings to their schedule and that best suit their certifications. To ensure a shift never goes without a security guard, cherry picked employees will receive notifications when management has found the perfect match for them. On the app, our guards have a dashboard that gives them streamlined notifications for their upcoming shifts, client and management messages, and their upcoming certification renewals. Our app goes beyond the pre-shift tasks and supports our guards throughout their whole shift, like using push notifications to remind them to take their break and to manage their patrol tours. The AEGIS guards have the power of security guard technology in the palm of their hands. Guards use their smartphones to check their client-specific post orders, GPS track their clock in and out location, and send messages to the remote management team.

Management accessibility and relationship with client

The communication between our clients and the management team is essential to a strong working relationship and security prioritization, which is why we have 24/7 remote coverage on the back end of our business as well. Our management team responds to client needs in near real time as we all know security breaches and risks don’t just happen 9am – 5pm. 

The AEGIS Difference

The AEGIS difference is in how we utilize technology to meet and exceed our clients’ security, investigation, training and consulting expectations as well as overcoming industry wide challenges with integrating technology in day to day operations.

AEGIS will perform a vulnerability and threat assessment as the first step to securing your business or property. Collaboratively with our clients, we work to determine the best combination of security personnel and deployed security technology throughout their facility. Each client has unique objectives, and our team puts every effort to customize the security for your business based on current trends and policies, physical security threats, and integrating emergency response management.

AEGIS Technology Highlights

Online and Virtual Reality Security Training: Whether you are a client or a security guard, AEGIS features all of our training opportunities in an online format. Check out our training like the active shooter training, or an online guard card course.

Virtual Patrols and Access Control: As part of our partnership with a global security operations center, AEGIS performs virtual patrols via CCTV at our client’s facilities while monitoring the environment for abnormalities in camera recordings and real-time incident management. Our program also serves as remote access control for employees to provide appropriate credentials to gain access to a facility.
Autonomous security robots: In partnership with Knightscope, the security robots can function entirely on their own at half the cost of a human security guard for 24/7 security.