Security Expert Provides Advice on Home Security

Working with a home security consultant to design a security plan for your family featured can be the difference between being a victim and not. Ring or Nest? ADT or Protection One? Professional installation or self installation? There are just a few of the comparisons you’ll have to make before settling on a home security system, and even then, a expert home security consultant can find flaws.

Home security consultant Jeff Zisner talked with Patch about the best ways to ensure your home is secure. The main idea: understand how your home needs to be secured. Don’t just rely on the knowledge you have or what an installation representative says from a company. Really evaluate your property and needs before choosing.

AEGIS Security & Investigations has discussed the positives of having home security systems. We’ve even shared what we think is great about free and low-cost systems. While there’s a lot you can do for free and at a low cost to help protect your home, starting with a self-installed base is not always best.

From a home security consultant’s perspective, it’s important to learn how to use “big box store” products before you buy. Spend some time researching online, measuring, and evaluating your property before you open the box. Otherwise, Zisner suggests you should “hire someone who knows what they’re doing.”

In any home security situation, installation and placement of cameras, alarms, sensors, and other safety mechanisms is always the most difficult element of ensuring your safety while managing a budget. Even if you’re set on doing it yourself, bringing in a consultant can ensure the task is accomplished effectively.

Another home security consultant tip is to use systems that notify you about happenings at your property via your smart phone. However, you want to ensure you have a strong password on your phone to prevent the connection from being broken or leaving you susceptible to hacking.

Even with all of the home security advice out there regarding systems and devices, there’s nothing that beats good practices.

  • Locked doors and windows
  • Keeping lights on during evening hours, especially when not home
  • Leaving a car in the driveway while on vacation
  • Asking a neighbor to pick up mail, packages and newspaper while gone

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