Looking for a Private Investigator that Accepts Bitcoin? AEGIS Does.

As the value of Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, soared beyond $40,000 businesses of all kinds are positioning themselves to accept the blockchain currency. AEGIS Security & Investigations is well ahead of this curve. Having purchased piforcoins.com back in 2014, the company has accepted cryptos for private investigation services ever since. 

Blockchain and investigations in many ways go hand-in-hand and there are many benefits to being able to pay for such services with cryptocurrencies. 

This starts in the name of occupation. Private investigators and private investigations are meant to be private. Paying with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies provides a private way to pay for these services without a recorded expense on a bank ledger. Blockchain is built on direct user-to-user payments. These accounts are entirely digital (as is the currency) and thus the information attached to them is more anonymous than registered bank accounts. This could be a massive benefit to someone hiring a private investigator to look into someone with whom they share finances and accounts.

Private investigators who accept Bitcoin are also acknowledging the secretive nature of their work. They’re willing to accept this payment because they understand it protects their clients’ anonymity. This acknowledgement should be a beacon for companies, human resources departments, attorneys, doctors, and civilians who hire private investigators. It displays an understanding of the sensitivity with which these matters, including the papertrail, must be handled and it’s an understanding AEGIS has shown for the better part of a decade.

Another benefit to private investigators who accept Bitcoin is you know you’re getting someone who is tech-savvy and forward-thinking. The criteria of accepting Bitcoin can almost be used as a filter to ensure you’re getting a quality private investigator. This is more important than ever as the industry continues to grow. According to DataUSA the number of private investigators in America has steadily grown by roughly 9% every year since 2017. Today there are more than 100,000 private investigators in the United States, so it is important to ensure quality and protect your investment.

Protecting your investment is another perk to hiring a private investigator who accepts Bitcoin. At AEGIS the cryptocurrency cost for private investigator services is frequently adjusted based on the current value of those currencies. This means you can rest assured that the services rendered by AEGIS private investigators are not being over-valued, nor are they being given away for a price which should make you suspicious. 

There is also something to be said for how the financial world views Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency is seen as a backstop against inflation. While Bitcoin has a history and reputation of being highly volatile it is insulated from inflation. Theoretically there are only 21 million Bitcoin which can be mined by the year 2040 and 18.5 million of them have already been mined. 

This cap on supply makes the cryptocurrency an attractive investment to many. Especially in comparison to the current economic climate during which the Fed is printing money and there is no cap on supply, which means value can only go down. This means paying in Bitcoin as opposed to dollars, for any service, is an option which provides value.

All that being said, many are still skeptical of cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems. That’s why AEGIS still, and likely always will, accept common forms of payment for private investigator services. 

Our Bitcoin option is simply that; an option. It provides many benefits to those who choose to use it. More importantly, it is a signal to all of our current and prospective clients that our private investigators who accept Bitcoin are people who are committed to protecting the privacy of their employers while also thinking two steps into the future to provide the best and most convenient services possible.