AEGIS Security & Investigations Now Accepts Multiple Forms of Crypto – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite, Doge, etc…

As part of their continuing commitment to be at the forefront of all aspects of business, customer service, consumer trends, and technology; AEGIS Security & Investigations is proud to announce the expansion of their accepted forms of cryptocurrency payments. AEGIS started accepting Bitcoin back in 2014 before the currency was on the mainstream radar. Today as the popularity of digital currency grows AEGIS is now accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, and virtually every other cryptocurrency available on the popular crypto trading platform “Coinbase.”

“This is a monumental move for AEGIS as we thrust ourselves fully into the 21st century not only in how we provide security and investigation services, but also in how we accept payment for those services,” AEGIS CEO and Founder Jeff Zisner said. “We understand the value of the cryptocurrency space, see its role in the future of a more digitally-based society, and embrace that change.”

It may be years before much of the retail, service, and consumer world accepts cryptocurrency with open arms. However, Zisner believes there is no point in waiting for the world to catch up. Just like their constant evolution and adaptation to methods and technologies for security services, AEGIS is poised to keep up with the technology of conducting business.

Currently Bitcoin alone is involved in roughly a quarter-million transactions every day. AEGIS is expanding to other cryptocurrencies to not only leverage the massive volume of transactions, but also to capitalize on the accessibility of lower-value coins such as Ethereum and Dogecoin. 

“Access to quality security and investigation services is one of our guiding tenants at AEGIS and so it only makes sense for us to accept cryptocurrencies which can be purchased in volume by the average American,” Zisner said. “Everyone deserves the opportunity to protect their families, businesses, and communities. So long as they are reliable, the form of payment shouldn’t impact that belief.”

AEGIS was already one of only 2,300 or so American companies accepting bitcoin. They are now one of an elite group accepting multiple forms of cryptocurrency payments. Using Coinbase, the largest crypto trading platform, allows AEGIS to be in the marketplace where more of their clients are operating and provides an easy method for exchanging the digital currencies.

The ease at which customers will be able to turn various crypto investments into tangible protection solutions is a game changer for AEGIS and the security industry as a whole. For more information on the various services AEGIS offers or to get a quote go to or reach them by phone at (310) 838-2787. They are working 24/7 to make California safer and are prepared to take your call.