AEGIS Security & Investigations Establishes Security Services in San Francisco

AEGIS Security & Investigations Now in San Francisco 

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — In the ongoing battle to protect businesses and communities from the growing threats of criminals, AEGIS Security & Investigations will now protect and serve The Golden City starting in 2021. This expansion of services is exemplary of AEGIS’ proactive commitment to ensure all Californians have a safe place to live and earn a living.

While San Francisco is known across the country as a progressive, loving, accepting city; the realities of the past couple of years have shown us that same city is becoming a place full of crime and danger. There have been countless attacks on the AAPI community, the homeless population has grown to 8,000, and retail theft is up so much Walgreens closed 17 stores. The SF PD’s own website shows crime has barely slowed from the record-breaking numbers seen across the country in 2020.

Crime statistics like these show there is a great threat to businesses, personal property, and the lives of many in San Francisco. The police can not prevent all crime, nor do they prevent most of it as they are largely reactionary. That is why AEGIS’ diverse, proactive security solutions are needed to deter crime throughout the city. 

“If you’re going to offer a solution to a problem, you need to offer that solution where the problem exists,” Jeff Zisner, President & CEO of AEGIS said. “Expanding our services into San Francisco and the surrounding bay area is not only a sound business decision, but a necessity for the citizens of the city.”

Zisner founded AEGIS Security & Investigations in 2007 with the mission of offering Californians comprehensive security solutions. He assembled a team of experts in all fields of security and investigations to ensure clients didn’t need to go to several companies to protect themselves, their businesses, their families, their assets, or their communities. The AEGIS management team boasts decades of combined years of security, military, law enforcement, and investigative experience.

This is why AEGIS is uniquely positioned and qualified to make an immediate impact and improve the safety and quality of life for those living and earning a living in San Francisco. Whether you need security guards, a private police force, loss prevention agents, armed security officers, or even contact tracing services; AEGIS is equipped with the experts to proactively protect what matters most: Lives and livelihoods.

“What distinguishes AEGIS from other security contractors is that we strive to be at the forefront, taking steps to prevent unnecessary exposure to poor public relations, liability, and losses,” Zisner said. “AEGIS Security & Investigations provides only carefully screened, professional staff for every client contract. We do this because while our primary goal is prevention, if an incident occurs, you’ll be counting on us to mitigate and respond to it in an effective manner.”

For more information on the various services AEGIS offers or to get a quote go to or reach them by phone at (310) 838-2787. They are working 24/7 to make California safer and are prepared to take your call.