The Benefits of Conducting a Security Assessment

Many private estates, businesses, communities, and events with security teams and/or physical security upgrades fail to do one thing; to ensure the systems they’ve implemented will work when needed. Similarly, homeowners, business owners, property management companies, and event coordinators looking to hire or implement security measures fail to take the same step to ensure the security they’re getting is the security they actually need. To solve these issues proactively, it is imperative that a security expert conduct a professional security assessment. Without taking this vital step, you could be paying for security systems which won’t address your most pressing needs, leaving you vulnerable to risks, threats, and breaches. 

At AEGIS Security & Investigations we recommend all new clients looking to get security for the first time and all existing clients wanting to add or make changes to their security conduct a security assessment. There are multiple reasons for this and all of them are for your benefit. We don’t want to take payment if we aren’t making anyone or anything safer. As experts we pride ourselves on the ability to tell you what you need and why, not selling you bodies, systems, and technologies that aren’t applicable to your safety needs.

This leads us to the first benefit of conducting a security assessment: Diagnosing weaknesses. Wanting security personnel and systems is great! You’re doing the right thing to protect your employees, assets, family, and everything else that is important to you. However, blindly installing systems doesn’t help protect you any more than randomly investing in different companies without doing any research diversifies your portfolio. Having a security expert conduct a security assessment arms you with the knowledge of your greatest security flaws or blindspots and allows you to address them directly. This saves you money and gives you a greater return on your investment.

The next benefit to conducting a security assessment is testing your systems against the most recent criminal trends and tendencies. Part of our job in the security industry is keeping up with criminals; learning how they are adapting and evolving so we can adapt and evolve to stop them. The cat and mouse game is constant and regular security assessments allow you to make sure your security systems are still relevant. A great example of this is the now constant threat of an active shooter. This is not something many of us gave a single thought to twenty years ago. Today evaluating ingress and egress points for ease of access to an armed subject is paramount. Staying current is how you stay safe. 

Another massive benefit to conducting a security assessment is testing the knowledge your employees have of the current safety protocol. You may think more security is what you need, but it could be that what you really need is more training. Having a plan is great. However, if not enough people know the plan or are capable of executing the plan then it isn’t effective. AEGIS offers a wide variety of training courses to ensure your security and safety measures mean something when they need to be put into use. Sometimes this is the difference between saving lives and being a tragic headline. This ties back to diagnosing weaknesses and deploying the correct strategies that make the most sense to protect exactly what you need to.

Our security experts at AEGIS always stress that security is an investment, not an expense. When you look at conducting a security assessment through that lens you see why it is so important. This one extra step allows you to make the most targeted investment and yield the greatest return. It also makes sure your “insurance policy” is up to date and prepared to protect you against modern risks.  In essence the security assessment is how you insure your insurance and ensure your policy fits your needs. That’s why we offer the assessments, because they help you get the best we have to offer.