Security Awareness Training: Force Multipliers


When tasked with developing a force multiplier program, one should reference how the government and non-profit organizations do it. FEMA developed the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), the FBI developed Infragard with the ILO and TLO programs, and local law enforcement like the Los Angeles Police Department created citizens academies. The reason these organizations and the programs they run are so successful is they create relationships with loosely affiliated groups of people to aid the sponsoring organizations mission. From Los Angeles to Beverly Hills and Santa Monica to Pasadena, businesses can benefit from utilizing government resources and working with a consultant to establish their own robust security training programs.

These ideas can effectively be applied at hotels, retail outlets, office buildings and entertainment venues just as well as schools and colleges both public and private. Successful security and threat awareness programs cross train employees working in unrelated specializations in pre-incident indicators, reporting, mitigating and responding to threats. This training is typically designed and presented by local law enforcement, security professionals, or risk managers. Whether they are human resources managers, sales staff, operations or support staff, these individuals can quickly become the eyes and ears, extending the reach and effectiveness of a safety and security program.

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