3D Printed Untraceable Ghost Guns Means An Increased Active Shooter Threat

Ghost Guns are untraceable weapons that can be made anywhere, including in someone’s office. Andy Greenberg of Wired made a “semiautomatic rifle with no serial number, existing beyond law enforcement’s knowledge and control” in the company office, and if it hadn’t been a project, no one would have known.

If one man can build a weapon without it being noticed by the workplace, how many other people are able to do it? Remember, these weapons are untraceable — that means the parts of the gun can be moved without tracking and interception, making it easier for someone to build it, let alone use it.

What if they were to turn it on their colleagues? The creation of a Ghost Gun could suddenly lead to an active shooter incident, especially if they fall into one of several categories of pre-incident indicators. Would you know what to do?

Active shooter situations have steadily risen since the start of the millennium, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and are projected to continue to increase. Active shooter incidents happen for a range of reasons. There are, however, trends and pre-incident indicators that include terrorism, victimization and mental illness as motivations.

Because active shooter violence is generally seen as “happening rarely,” trainings tend to be lacking. However, active shooter situations are definitely not rare. Our advice: Get active shooter training.

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The civilian active shooter training provided by AEGIS is intended to build on “run, hide, fight,” the long-standing method of saving yourself in these events. Workshops run from an hour to several hours dependent on the needs of the organization and individuals. Our most highly sought after workplace violence training program is our one-hour plus add-on Run, Hide, Fight Live Fire Demo. Participants begin with a lecture and basic training on how to handle the situation and are then exposed to sample scenarios in which they practice those same skills.

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