Silicon Beach Sees Increased Need For Professional Security Services in Playa Del Rey, Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey

As Playa Del Rey, Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey continue to boom as Silicon Beach, the need for enhanced security measures will also grow. AEGIS Security & Investigations has the expertise to fulfill your tech company needs along the Los Angeles coast.

From tech-giants Facebook and Google to start-ups DogVacay and Service, the beaches of LA are seeing an increase in corporate purchases. Buildings have been sprouting up the last few years, bringing condo and apartment developers to the area, too. As more companies find their way to Silicon Beach, so do more workers. Millenials, in particular, are being targeted as they graduate from college and move swiftly into the workforce, and the housing industry is working hard to keep them local.

With all of this growth, there is an increased concern for public safety, personal safety and corporate security. Silicon Valley, the traditional hub for companies working in technology, has been well-adjusted to its surrounding community and safety needs for several years. Companies have in-house security and “campus” security for their acres of land. In LA, a lot of changes need to be made.

Because the areas of Silicon Beach have long been established communities, there are patterns and trends of which newcomers may not be aware. For one, they do not have the open space available that NorCal offers, and they do not have the same rapport within the community (yet). The areas in which tech-giants are moving have unique security needs because of this difference, and AEGIS is available to help.

Having worked in many of the beach communities of Los Angeles, including Playa del Rey, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica and Venice, AEGIS knows about the security issues commercial facilities, retailers and residences face. Their celebrity talent, executives, and VIPs may find a need for estate security as well as personal protection details, of which AEGIS is well versed and capable of managing.

Corporate, or site, security is of particular importance for companies along Silicon Beach. Tech companies tend to house expensive equipment. Posting a security officer outside of the building who will patrol the area, monitor all points of access and report suspicious activity has been proven to deter thieves.

At AEGIS, our officers are trained to be observant and responsive, making them ideal candidates for corporate security. We know that commercial facilities and high-rise office building security are generally a no-frills, day-in, day-out, static security need. Reliability, professionalism, and ability to follow procedure are a must. Our staff functions as our clients’ front line customer service personnel in addition to security, maintaining positive relationships and creating new ones. Furthermore, our management team works with each client to create a specific plan to meet and exceed their needs.

In addition to physical work locations, many tech companies find themselves in need of off-site locales for various productions. Production security, on location security and entertainment industry security are necessities of operation.

AEGIS understands that clients expect both static and temporary security solutions with enough flexibility to adapt to changes in season, location, and objective. Our mission to protect the operation on location begins with equipment including the production trucks and auxiliary equipment storage facilities. For on-location productions, upon arrival of the cast and crew, we create controlled access, keeping the public and competitors at bay. Our staff functions as our clients’ representatives to the general public, other vendors, talent and staff in addition to security, maintaining positive relationships and creating new ones.

Lastly, all companies should consider the significance of threat management. Particularly when you move into a large city like Los Angeles, you and your company need to be aware of the potential risks. Threat management is activity directed toward the locating, assessing, evaluating, measuring of viability of and, ultimately, mitigating threats to an acceptable level. In some cases, the threats may be dismissed due to inability to execute. In other cases, threats may escalate preventative measures to include fortified infrastructure, increased staffing and adjustment of plans. Threats can come from client activity, associates, accidents, natural causes, human error, and intentional acts. Companies and individuals can minimize exposure to potential threats by implementing a near real time threat management solution and conducting a full analysis of their security program.

AEGIS Security & Investigations provides threat management services across a broad spectrum of clients.  These clients can range from celebrities and VIPs, to corporate, educational, industrial, and institutional.  There are numerous factors to consider before any analysis begins including the actual, perceived, and likelihood of specific threats. Learn more about how AEGIS conducts thorough protective intelligence investigations today.

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By Chelsea Turner & Jeff Zisner