Active Shooter Training – AEGIS’ Newest Unique Team Building Exercise

As a nation, we have seen the continued rise in the amount of active shooter and active killer attacks over the past few decades which is why AEGIS has adapted our workplace violence and active shooter training in to team building exercises.

Team building exercises are used by large corporations and small businesses alike. They are designed to bring their employees together, build a sense of unity, and develop a positive culture. Employees who work together, trust each other, and function as a team are more productive, harder workers, and tend to stick around for longer periods of time.

At the same time, active shooter training is a response to a phenomena that we cannot escape or turn a blind eye to and is on the horizon of reaching epidemic status. Active attacks can happen anywhere and at any time, leaving people shocked and in disbelief. These situations can be so unexpected and quick that it is easy for people to freeze, not knowing what to do when it occurs. We, as individuals, need to be as well prepared as possible in the face of an active shooter attack has become a top priority for many organizations.

Organizations, companies, schools, and small businesses alike are forced to choose between training their people for high impact, low frequency events like active shooter attacks or grow the effectiveness of their workforce by employing team building exercises. For this reason, interactive active shooter training exercises can bridge the gap between both. Participating and interacting in these exercises teach and instruct you about active shootings and what to do if one occurs. AEGIS Security & Investigations, Inc. has designed entertaining team building exercises within it’s training that are not only informative, but include lifelike situations and scenarios and tabletop exercises that will give participants a better understanding and reaction to what you should do in an active shooter situation.

Most people don’t learn and practice the ideas and concepts to mitigate risk during an attack. A delay in a reaction or instinctively responding in a less than desirable way when faced with a life threatening event and many may end up costing someone their life. AEGIS Security & Investigations, Inc. active shooter training exercises provide an in-depth understanding of calculated and practical solutions that can help prevent workplace violence and save lives during an incident. And although the actual situation is far from fun and entertaining, active shooter training based unique team building exercises are good way to turn a potentially emotionally overwhelming training into an exciting and productive program where people can make mistakes while learning without the potential for real life consequences.

            Team building is an important factor in many life situations, especially in active shooter training. Most environments encourage team building for people of all ages and walks of life in order to learn about observation, reporting, task distribution, participation, group efforts and much more. These same ideals are just as important in an active shooting as they are in everyday life. The interactive parts of the exercises are created with the idea that there is a difference between watching versus doing. Many people have been told what to do should a situation occur, but how many will actually do it? Giving people an opportunity to not only use their minds but also their bodies will provide them with better knowledge of the necessary reactions that could help with survival.

There are many elements in an active shooter scenario where people will have to work together or alone to either run, hide, or fight. AEGIS’s interactive unique team building exercises for active shooter training classes can strengthen one’s ability to work together as a team in the face of danger and consider all logical and practical solutions. They also give people a better opportunity to retain the information learned in the tense atmosphere of a lifelike situation. These exciting exercises can leave people feeling accomplished, determined, and safer about their ability to analyze all components should they find themselves in a real active shooter situation.

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