Securitas, AUS, and Guarda vs AEGIS Security & Investigations: The benefits of contracting boutique security services

Hiring the right security company IS a tough decision. Many options are available and every company will tell you why they are the best. Some security firms will tell you they are the biggest, the most experienced, or the most diverse. However, what really counts is how much you trust them and how high of a priority you are to that company. 

Let’s be real for a minute. Global elites, giant companies, governments, and billionaires are using security services. The biggest clients generally hire the biggest companies, but as someone looking for bespoke, customized services, you may be better served by a company that personally caters to your needs. The reality is your home, family, community, small business, or event will not carry the same priority as those massive clients. For these reasons we recommend going with a local, boutique security firms like AEGIS Security & Investigations.

It’s not because we think our larger, national and international competitors are bad companies. It’s because we know they’re big so big they don’t have the infrastructure to support tailored security security services. Our goal has always been to protection to those who need it efficiently, effectively, and without red tape; particularly for families, residences, and businesses in our communities. You should receive high quality security and customer service we know you deserve. To illustrate this we are going to highlight some of the challenges of a few larger security firms.

We’ll start with Securitas. This is a massive company boasting 355,000 employees. On their website they mention that they serve “large global” accounts. Using our basic skills of reasoning and common sense we know that not all of those 355,000 employees are equally skilled, nor equally experienced. We also assume they assign their best people on the most important (and highest billing) assignments. 

When a company needs to hire a third of a million people, you can’t exactly be picky. So, odds are your local account in California requiring less than a dozen officers is not going to get their attention or their highest quality security staff. Simply put, you need to be a priority for the company you hire. At AEGIS you’re not just a priority, you’re family, and we consistently provide quality service with that belief in mind.

Next we’ll look at Allied Universal Security (AUS) which is another massive security firm. Honestly, AUS provides a much wider range of services than AEGIS does, and they do so primarily by acquisition, buying businesses expecting to lose a percentage of their client base to those discerning a more customized, hands on service. At AEGIS, we grow organically, through the quality work we provide, customer referrals, and word of mouth. Sure, we’ve acquired a couple small security firms from owners who were retiring, and incorporated their expertise in to our structure, but when you reach such a massive size, buying new clients isn’t the problem, retaining them with quality service is.

You want to hire a company that is an expert in the field in which you require services. You want to hire a security and investigations company dedicated to you and your needs. Not one which is distracted by constantly buying businesses to grow. It also says something about the demand for their security services that they feel the need to add competitors to their company. At AEGIS we are focused solely on keeping you safe and gathering the resources you need to protect your interests. 

Last, let’s take a look at GardaWorld. On their website they claim to be the “largest privately owned security services company in the world.” This sounds impressive, but on the same website the company states they have 122,000 employees. This is far less than the 355,000 working at Securitas, so how can Garda be the largest? At the beginning of this post we said hiring the right company comes down to trust. How can you trust a company willing to stretch the truth before you even hire them? Honesty on the front end is not just important, it’s paramount. You deserve to do business with a company that honors the truth and stands by their advertisements.

At AEGIS we care about honesty, truth, quality, consistency, and deep personal connections with our clients. Our clients’ success is our success and our clients’ failures are our failures. These principles are embedded in our leadership, management, and employees, many of whom served proudly in the military and law enforcement. We’re a locally owned and managed business that cares about locally owned and managed businesses. We live in the communities we protect, which makes your security our security. We may not be the biggest company, but we care the most about protecting you, because you’re part of our community.