Contact Tracing Company

AEGIS is the one the first contact tracing companies in the private sector. While the government is continuing to develop a contact tracing program though local health departments, AEGIS has built the framework for a managed solution in the event these programs prove to be insufficient to meet the needs of communities and businesses who are trying to reopen predicated on making informed decisions based the health of their population. As a contact tracing company, AEGIS’ certified tracers adapted investigative tools in combination with advanced technology and dataset searches for private contract tracing operations.

AEGIS’ contact tracing efforts, headquartered in a Los Angeles based global security operations and intelligence analysis center has the capability to provide customers with scaled solutions backed by the latest communication, monitoring, and emergency response technology. We can leverage deployed technological solutions including on-site automated temperature screening tools, monitored access control systems, health screening questionnaires, and rapid deployment of contact tracers if a positive event is triggered.

The first step in private contract tracing for businesses is to identify that an employee has an infectious disease. Your employee may have reached out to management or the Human Resources department and shared their confirmed positive or presumptive positive test results from their physician or they were triggered by an on-site test or questionnaire screening. This is determined either by conducting a specific test with clear results or based on a questionnaire and presenting symptoms. This employee is termed “patient zero.”

The second step to the private contact tracing service is customizable depending on your business model. Traditionally, contact tracing begins at patient zero, working backwards through investigation and interviews to identify who patient zero interacted with during their infectious period. Individuals infected with coronavirus can start spreading the virus two days before patient zero starts showing symptoms, deepening the need for investigative professionals to trace notable interactions. This traditional model will be most appropriate for large companies with a fluid labor structure, such as a department store, wholesale club, or supermarket, increasing exposure to multiple departments and numerous employees.

AEGIS contact tracers may find it appropriate to conduct blanket contact tracing for business models with a smaller workforce, or if the business owner is confident the infected individual worked with other employees within a single department. To prevent the spread of the infectious disease, you may be tempted to shut down the whole department and send everyone home, but that is not plausible to keep your business operational. Our certified contact tracers will conduct a one on one interview with each employee to elicit details that will help determine incidents of infectious exposure, and advise quarantine when necessary. The intention of this thorough investigation is to maintain an active workforce by eliminating needless call offs by those who were not prone to infectious exposure. 

Both models are labor intensive, time consuming, and require attention to detail in order to put together an accurate interaction tree starting with someone who has tested positive or is experiencing symptoms of an infectious disease or virus. A single patient can trigger dozens of potential contacts during the infectious period, depending on the disease.

Governor Cuomo of New York referenced the enormous work force contact tracing will require to track down, interview, and isolate people experiencing systems or who are confirmed positive cases of SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus). The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health put out a recent report that suggests as many as 100,000 contact trace investigators will be needed to effectively manage the demand for the service. Amid the national emergency and mass shutdowns of many American industries, our government is looking toward the already overloaded public health system to dive deep into individuals’ lives during the period they may have been contagious. If one individual came in contact with 5 people, and those 5 people have come in contact with 5 more people, the contact tracing investigator will have to survey over 150 people. The numbers start to add up quickly and will become overwhelming for government funded contact tracing programs and likely delay the ability to reach possibly infected contacts before they become contagious.

Open businesses have to meet a new expectation of health and safety for customers and employees alike, who are expecting higher standards for eliminating risk of disease transmission. Hiring a private contact tracing company to target your business is the only way to ensure exposed employees are quarantining and cleared before returning to work. Proactively seeking a contact tracing company will reduce the need for a broader investigation where more employees were likely infected due to delayed reaction on the employer’s part. Private technology companies are partnering with the government to create contact tracing smartphone applications to automatically determine whether someone has been in contact with an infected person via bluetooth. This method proves to be very effective in China, where the government has all citizens’ contact information and was able to automatically enroll them into the program. By contrast, the United States cannot require use of the technology, and will almost assuredly be an “opt in” program, and therefore not as thorough as China’s program.

Where government funded programs and resources fall short, businesses can stop the spread within their own company by hiring a contact tracing company with licensed private investigators to identify potentially infected employees before losing their workforce to quarantine. AEGIS Security & Investigations has an assembled team of investigators, public health experts, and certified contact tracers ready to work with our clients to support their contact tracing needs. We utilize traditional investigative techniques coupled with industry databases and technology for scalable contact tracing services.

As a contract tracing company, we seamlessly combined many of core investigative services such as our people locate / skip tracing services coupled with our expertise in phone interviewing. We’re effectively able to identify contacts, elicit tactful information, and to relay valuable resources to meet our client’s goals. If you or your business are in need of contract tracing services, request a free consultation today.